Shenzhen Hr-tenda Technology Co., Ltd. is one of Chinese leading suppliers of EAS security systems and loss prevention equipment for retailing industry.

We are specially developer and manufacture EAS main boards and EAS systems.

Located in the most creative city Shenzhen in Southern China, Hr-tenda has an efficient R&D team consisting of doctors, professors, and senior engineers.

With this strong R&D backup, we continuously develop new products and keep us constantly leading and outstanding in this industry.

As quality is the root of our life, we completely follow ISO9001 standards on production and inspection. We have established an independent quality control department, which conducts strictly inspection on outsourcing materials and in-house products.

We have no MOQ and we can deliver within 1-3 days. We have agencies in Ukraine, France, Brazil , Russia, Iran, Spain and Korea and so on. We have some sales-persons with more than 8 years' experience. We will gladly accept your inquiries and respond as soon as possible.

Our products are widely distributed in mainland China and are continuously exported to 38 overseas clients in Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Maldives, Iran and Vietnam. We have a 1800-square-meter factory that houses 70 staff members with a monthly production capability of 3,000 EAS main boards and 3,000 EAS systems.

With our strength on original technology and advanced manufacturing facility, we offer thoughtful technical support and work closely together with our oversea partners to OEM and ODM our products for their local markets. Based on our core values of quality, credibility and win-win, we look forward to cooperating with worldwide partners to outperform their competitors in their local markets